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Chasing a wrong problem can lead to a crap trap

People don’t buy a Rolex watch to manage their time better.

What else is a watch supposed to do? They don’t even provide heart rate or walking steps or connect with your phone. In this case, clearly, Rolex is solving a very different kind of problem. Knowing what kind of problem you are solving for your customer, or solving through your product (whichever comes more naturally to you) unveils the way to a more effective product roadmap. Painkillers, Vitamins, and Candies all make million-dollar businesses — only if you know what you are creating and market it that way. If…

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Easy to remember is Easy to follow!

When it comes to the Product Requirement Document (PRDs), people try solving world hunger with a doc. They hope it would solve all their Product woes. The expectation from PRDs is no less than the expectation organizations have of PMs. In a recent survey I did with 20+ product guys across B2B and B2C companies, the PMs suggested an ideal PRD should help with problem identification, context building, user research, understanding market, user stories, scope, future possibilities, stakeholder alignment. And one can’t disagree.

They want it so exhaustive and elaborate that everyone from engineering to sales can know exactly what…

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Credits: Me! I twisted the awesome recruitment poster for clickbait

Trust is so underrated.

The secret to a better life, a better economy, and a better society is high trust in the humans around you. Cred wants to become a community of verified high-income individuals who trust each other. The business part will have all the key ingredients of any modern internet business, but there are parts that are still evolving.

But, it is Fintech! Right?

Yes and No. Payment/repayment is an entry point. You got to start somewhere. It’s fintech today, ed-tech tomorrow, x-tech someday.

Cred is largely horizontal — so limiting it to a vertical is an exercise in futility.

Horizontal is what? explain.

Here you go.

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Simon Sinek says we should “Start with a Why”. So let me start this essay as well by answering why should we even have one on this topic. Because product managers are struggling, globally. The expectations from the PM are almost superhuman, and there is most likely no standard path, situation, or training given to PMs that sets them up for success.

You’d see that while they’d talk about lean and design thinking etc. they mostly DON’T end up using any of those. Why?

Most organizations want to come out of the rut of feature factories, but they don’t, they…

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A street dog howling at the moon

A funny thing about biases is that they show up serendipitously. This means they remain invisible most of the time, and if you are alert, they show up when you are not particularly looking for them.

It’s great to be a parent of a curious kid. She asks me questions and makes me realize my limited knowledge, limitless assumptions, and funny biases.

So, as some of you might have realized, this again is about an interaction I had with my kid (now 5yo). It was a regular night, and we were struggling to get her to sleep. It was around…

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Mein rakh aaya tha ek shaam tere darpe jo jhumke,
Latakte the wo tere kaanon mein sifaarish ban ke

Meine lagaa di thi ek keel uss khirkee ke pass,
Jahaan ataki hai sau baar teri chunni guzaarish ban ke

Teri hayaa ke aage kitne phoolon ne dam toda hai,
Kitni baar dabe hain teri kitaabon mein khwahish ban ke

Jab haath thaama tha hamesha ke liye kahaan socha tha,
Unn ki lakeerein aa jaayengi beech mein saazish ban ke

Ya Mausam bheega hai, Ya aankhon mein nami hai,
Koi laut aaya hai sheher mein baarish ban ke…

Originally published on my poetry blog —

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A Job Description should be an easy hint for a smart candidate to tweak her resume and prepare for the interview. It may sound controversial, but, I believe if someone is actually able to tweak their resume to match your job requirements and is able to crack the interview, they are worthy of an offer. :-)

Rant: Most Startup JDs I come across are poor copy-paste jobs of a lazy junior recruiter being coerced into doing it by the hiring manager (the actual person hiring for the role). They are lifeless, verbose, unstructured and unreadable. And that’s not you should…

Scott Adams declared that New year is just a random calendar change event. And it is random— no doubts about it. It does not coincide with a change in season and it has no historical, or astronomical significance. However, it is not insignificant. It marks an official global change — amongst a very few things in the world, that are accepted (and even celebrated) at that scale. Historically significant incidents are limited in popularity. Astronomically significant incidents are limited in appeal (who celebrates equinox/solstice?).

It's an Opportunity

Like every festival of cultural (Christmas/Diwali) or economic (V-Day, Single's day, Big-Billion Days)…

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On your own! Always…

CIA suggests that being a double agent needs both competence and sophistication. And a few more things…

  • Thorough knowledge of the terrain and the language
  • Ability to build Rapport at all levels
  • High order of ability in complex analytic reasoning
  • A detailed understanding of the adversary
  • Transparent Communication
  • A solid grasp of behaviour patterns
  • Enough time from other duties to run the Ops and Report it well

If you aren’t already able to see how PMs match with Double agents — here’s my quick take on the same.

Thorough knowledge of the terrain and the language

If you were a complete stranger, you’d feel as if the tech-guys…

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Ginger! — Does your product shape up like this?

GROWTH is usually a good thing. :-)

However, most products and organizations struggle with featuritis — a condition where you have too many features. The products built without a strong focus and clear roadmap grow like Ginger — from just about anywhere.

Here’s how you can avoid Ginger growth:

Saying NO to features is hard — whether it is your idea or theirs. It’s almost never a possibility for product guys to have “Saying No” as a tool. But, there is a lot that you can do to check whether you are ready to commit for a feature or not…

Ujjwal Trivedi

Products guy | Product Director @ MoveInSync | Ex-Artoo Fintech | Ex-CouponDunia | Economics | Cognitive Sciences | Poetry | Volunteer/Director @ Headstart.

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